Friday, July 6, 2018

Reflection for the term!

                                                                    Hey Everyone
                                                 Today I made a reflection for the term
                                                               Hope you Enjoy 

My focus this term has gotten better with the work I have been doing,
Proud of my math as when I would do  math test I wouldn't the answer so
I would have to sit their and try to work it out but now  
my  recent math test I did I knew most of them so I was really happy
So that's a big improvement for me. Im proud of getting in to be
A house leader for ormsby!


I try to show them everyday in my work and out of my work,
Most of the time I try to show them at the end
Of the day at tidy up time I try mosty to show them in
My work and throughout, so im happy
                    How im been showing them this term!
Everytime I get a hero card I get happy so that means im doing something right so
I keep trying again to do the same!

Everything has gone well for me this term nothing gone bad
For me to care about which is pretty good !

I just keep trying to work it out if there is a challenge in my work
Or if not I just think that Im done it, or I just get someone to say to me
Work it out like this, so their not actually  helping me their just saying work
The methed like that!

My focus next term will be getting my levels up in my reading
And math to be up at my 11 year old stranded in both!
Properly my writing as well

my picture ive made for my reflection, Enjoy!

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