Friday, November 9, 2018


                                                       Hey Everyone! 

 This was my story about a hurricane, called Hurricane Piper. My friend name is called Piper so I decided to name it that! I made this a while back but I never did anything with it so that's why I'm posting this :) I remember this took kinda a long time. It's a story about a girl and a hurricane. I made it because it was only thing that came to my mind. I would love some feedback on how I could improve on anything! Hope you enjoy this slide show.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sailing trip!!

                                                               Hey Everyone! 

On friday the 2nd of November we went on the sailing trip which was very fun! but very scary. Here is my recount about it!! 
I would love some feedback
Enjoy Bye!! 

Waking up at 6:00 am on a Friday morning with a smile on my face, Got up and got dress into my mufti clothes then dashed downstairs to make my lunch and do all my morning jobs! Then  I headed to the car to pick my cousin up from the airport at 8:00 am then my mum drop us off at school,

I did my jobs for school eventually the teacher got us on the carpet to tell us to get on the bus and head to Lake Rua, We got to the place and we got instructions from the workers we had to put the sail up in we had to have a team of threes. It was very confusing putting it together but very fun, we choose the the pink sali everyone wanted it but we got to it first, it was like a cheetah and a lion racing to go and get the sali,

The guy took us back over for more instructions for how to ride the sali. Then we went to our sali tried to learn how to sail It was very funny how I did  it. I nearly hit my head because when you want to go the other way you have to change sides of the sail then the pole what keeps the sali up moves to the other side to!

Then we strolled to the other side of the lake to go on the sail. My team of three were Jedi, Parwin and I, Jedi went on the sail first she was super nervous and exited!!! She came back with this huge smile on her face, Then Parwin went on because I was to scared to go next. Parwin was very scared but she did a awesome job at it then she came back with a smile she was very proud of herself.

I went on the sali next I was very nervous I was shaking a bit But I was very scared I had all these worms in my stomach I didn’t feel safe for myself like I was about to die. The people had to help me though as it was very hard! But at the end I got the hang of it, it turned out to be very easy. But 1 turn was enough for me,  All the Parents and Teachers were in the water pushing the people away and getting them back in!

Eventually the instructor said it was lunch time so we ate then headed back for another turn But I didn't want to go again because so many people fell in! So instead I just watched and help but When you push the people out into the water you fall in too so I got so wet Like I wanted to go for a swim! Then everyone keep falling in it was kinda funny but this one boy had cuts on his leg from the motor, But he was okay. Then it ended so we got dressed into our clothes in these big containers were the sails live in!

Eventually we got back at the school then our day ended!!!

Here is some photos!!            
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Friday, November 2, 2018

My best day ever!

                                                                   Hey everyone! 

This was my best day ever, it was about a show I did on my horse! I did lots of practising with my horse to get to this show! My upcoming show is the Canterbury A&P show! I was very proud anyway, The other day the class had to do their best day ever, Bye!! 

It all started when I was waking up at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning, I got dressed and dashed to the back door to get in the car. The car was on the frozen grass, I was staying at my mum’s friend house since it was closer to the horses! I had to wake up fresh because I had a big horse competition, I was exhausted and nervous but I was looking forward to it!

I got at the horses we put them on the float and They went on so easily! Then we started heading to the show!
  I got at the show pretty early in the morning we started helping my sister getting ready to do her class, she did showing which is walking, trotting and cantering but you have to make your horse look pretty.

She did very well but her first class was n hand, which is the same but you're leading the horse not riding it!  Eventually, she did her ridden and she did very well! I got my horse ready to go in the class I was doing n hand first we did pretty well, in the classes but one of the classes she decided to be a bit silly and start trotting like a big fancy stallion, she was being silly because the big Clydesdale went past!

So I came last in the class but I was still happy. After I did my n hand class I went and did my ridden, so I went back and put her bridle saddle and number plate on her, a number plate is when you have this little pocket which is see-through, then you can add these laminated numbers! Within minutes I put all of my gear on then jumped on cheetah (My horse) Then I did really well in my classes I was very proud of us, we worked together as a team, In one of my classes It was just me in it, so I won it :)
 All of the classes you win money so I won $50 dollars which was awesome! I got lots of 4ths,


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Athletics Day!

Hey Everyone
The past 4 weeks we have been practising Athletics, We did very well! 
Here is my recount.
I made this on pickochart if you don't know what it is differently got check it out! 
I would love some feedback in my writing! Bye 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Novel Study!!

                                                                      Hey Everyone

So this term we have started Novel study which is a book that we are given in our reading groups, you have slides to work through, So if your in the middle of your book you would see what your task is to do on the slide, I remember in Rimu class we did it last year so I know what I'm doing I guess, The teachers give you books that match your reading level, Once you have finished your Novel you will get another one to work on, On the slides you have a mind map so if you read a paragraph of your story then you have to fill in your map! Its a very cool subject we are doing, Last year It was in term 4 too!
I'm reading ( A Pony For Penny) have you heard of it? have you read it? So far it is a very cool book! I really like it! There will be some photos of the book down below, Not only one reading the book but my group is too! Here is the photo of the book!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Holidays have gone :(

                                                                         Hey Everyone!!

Wow I can't believe the holidays have already gone :( They went so  fast I wished they stayed longer
Do you wish they had longer holidays than only 2 weeks? I do!
I'm going to tell you what I got up to in the holidays!! You can tell me what you got up to!

So it started off in the weekend I was so excited for the holidays, then a couple days go of me doing nothing, then I had to start packing because my sister had a big horse event which is called Springton trophy. (do you know it? if you don't google it up) (It's not racing) So basically what they do is Dressage which is Walk, Trot, and Canter but you have to make your horse look nice! Then you have Cross country whatis all these jumps on a big filed what is a course you have to learn! They have bush jumps and they're mostly made out of wood. Then you have Showjumping what is all these stands what have poles on them, its a course you have to learn, for Springton, it is a Pony club event! So whoever does the best out of all of the event you will win! So if one of your team members don't do good then you will be put back a lot. so there is lots of pressure on all of the teams. My sister team came 9th which isn't that good but they still did great! Last year my sister team came 1st which was amazing! 

Then we got back, I went to see my horse, and I rode it, Then we just chilled for the rest of the days, Then a couple of days went past and we planned to go on a trip to Kaikoura with my mum's friend and their sons! It was such a fun time. We only stayed a night there in a holiday house, it was right next to the sea so we saw so many seals, fish, and octopus. Then it all came to an end which was so sad! Anyway, I hoped you Enjoyed. Please give me some Feedback!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Maori Days

                                                                    Hey Everyone

So this week I've only been to school twice so I had a lot of work to catch up on Because of we
have our own timetable to work on so I had lots of work to do, We have to self-manage which is very fun because I can go to school and get working, Anyway this is my Maori days of the week that I've been working on, I used the website flipsnack which is such a good website  to do cool presentations, Sadly the website wasn't working so I had to take screenshots and put into slides instead.
I would love Feedback!!
Thanks Chloe