Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Using commas!!

Hey Everyone!! 

Today during writing time, I was learning how use Commas in the right way. 
1 activity was doing a 4 question quiz, and it wasn't that bad I only got 2 right. 
Using commas can change, the meaning of your sentence. 
Do you use commas everyday? 

We started off using comma games. 1 of them was like if you get the right sentence what has the right commas you can jump ahead but if you didnt you would die in some lava. 
Then we did quiz whats called " MEET THE COMMA" which wasn't bad either. 
We watched a video to about it. 

Here are some photos: 

We had to put some commas in but both of the sentences would have a different meaning.

Making a sentence with the pictures.  

Improving the sentence by putting some commas. 

What's the best age? Why?

                                                                         Hey Everyone

This blog post is my Homework. " What is the perfect age" I had to ask some family members what do they think the perfect age is? What do you think the perfect age is? 
Do you wish you could change your age if you could? 

I had to make a drawing of my family members being that age.. 
I know the drawing looks creepy but oh well. 
If you had a choice to stay one age what would it be and why?


Wednesday, May 8, 2019


                                                                           Hey Everyone!

This Blog post is about my Maths work that I did this morning!! I didn't think it was tricky it was actually really fun!
I have used to make my Maths blog post more interesting. 
If you haven't used Biteable before go to ( Its a very cool website to make everything interesting! 

I did my Maths work about Area and Perimeter. Do you know what Perimeter is?
 basically its when you have shape and the shape always have measurement. 
normally we measure our shapes in Centre Metres or MM
if you have a square and its 20 cm on 1 side and 10 cm at the top. Could you guess what the other side and top be? 
Yes its 20 cm and 10 cm!! 
now add 20+20+10+10 = 60 

Heres my biteable

chloe 8 on Biteable.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Adulting?? - Homework

                                                                Hey Everyone

This is my Blog post Home work! 
Today I chose to do what would you do for a day if you were a adult? 
I had to ask adult family member what they would do and why? 

I gave 3 reasons what I would do! I would love to know what you bloggers would d0? 
Sometimes I wish I was adult. 
I hope you guys enjoy the slide 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My Writing Plan!! - I NEED FEEDBACK!! HELP

                                                                      Hey Everyone

Today we are starting to plan our new Narrative story and I need you guys to help me with it!! 
If you are seeing this the same day I posted please I need feedback to improve it :) 
Were doing it about this girl going into her addict   and seeing this mirror which looks weird? 

The photo will be down below that we were given to write about!! 
I have bullet point the planning so its a bit easier to understand for me. I know I haven't added any ispace into the plan but the story will be way more interesting.
So Ill be posting the finished Narrative :) 

Here is the photo:

Here is my Plan :) 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


                                                                 Hey everyone!!

Today I just did my activity homework.. I chose to do Make the number 44 in a crevtive way!! I found making this really fun!! I had 44 flowers that cost 1 dollar each.. So I sold them to someone for 44 dollars!! Check out the rest on the slide!!

Not going to lie but this took me more than a hour to make.. As I did my own drawings because I find it more creative..
Do you like my work?
What should I improve on?
Do you have homework like Yaldhurst?


Friday, April 12, 2019


                                                            Hey Everyone 

Today we have Easter fun day!! I'm so excited for today because we find out so many things today.. 

at 8:45 I came into the classroom and I saw Mrs Spragg say " Chloe look what I can do" and she started flossing. It was so funny. The Teachers said we can get on with our hats so we did.
I started doing my hat and it went okay. I could of done wayyyy better but I didn't..
Then I got my photo done..

Whats happening later!

In about 30 min were going to the court and presenting out hats. The Student council gets to pick the winners. I'm in the Student Council.  Then were going to be doing some egg jarping, Its when you bang a egg against each other. First one to crack will be out.

Then later later around 1:30 pm all our parents are coming and having a look at our work.
at 2:00 pm the Year 7&8 are going to find out who is the house leaders and all the other roles.
The Student Council are going to get there badges to.

Hope you liked the hats.