Wednesday, September 19, 2018

New Website?

                                                               Hey Everyone

So this week the Student summit found a website called flipsnack, Have you tried it before?
So basically its like slides-Drive but I think its a bigger step up, One of the students told us about it andused it, she really recommends to use it, this is the link for it so go check it out
This website you can have images in writing, except for having a boring presentation you can make into a book looking thing, it's really cool, I won't say anymore in case
I spoil it all!
Here is the Link

Here is the image of what it looks like in case you can't find it!


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Plastic :O

                                                             Hey Everyone

Lately, I've been learning about plastic In the sea! We have Our inquiry that we do every day
well almost every day, as you probably already know that plastic is bad for the environment and that it's
hurting all the kind loving animals, which is very sad since I'm such an animal lover:(
are you an animal lover?
here is some information about plastic
I've got all this information off my inquiry doc


plastic also impacts the natural environment and has grave consequences for humans, wildlife, and plants since they contain numerous toxic compounds. These are the main causes of plastic pollution

Chemicals found in plastics include carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. 
Chlorine, fluorine, sulfur, or silicon may also be present. There are two types of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics. Thermoplastics are formed from long linear chains of molecules polymers

here are some links

Bye, Everyone :) 

Friday, September 7, 2018

10 minute Writing Challenge

                                                                     Hey Everyone

Today we had an awesome morning in Rimu Class
My story was about, Dear Diary, Its about a shoe, Its a short story but I still like it
If I had a choice I wouldn't choose this topic but the whole class had to do it to
So basically the teacher put a 10-minute timer and I had to do it really quickly,
I got kinda scared because at the halfway of the story the timer was about to go off!

I would love some feedback! :)

  • Dear beloved, sweet secret, diary, Guess what my Human foot made me do today?
  • I was walking across the path I had to walk into the gross, wet, soggy, puddle, this is the WORSE day of my life, It's even worse enough him putting his ugly warty foot in me, when he puts his foot in me Its like chocolate and salad together IT DOES NOT MIX WELL, This makes me feel sad, worthless, nothing to him I want someone that looks after me not who takes me through a gross puddle, I need a clean right now I feel dirty, wet, slimy, this is DISGUSTING! I think I'm gonna run far away from him
  • Because even trash would treat me better it would have a home some banana skins, I WOULD EVEN HAVE SOME FOOD TO EAT, I'm getting teared up my skin is going away! he treats me really bad  Thanks, diary your always there for me!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Discovering our heritage!!!

                                                                Hey Everyone

Today I am going to be showing about discovering our heritage, so basically every Monday we do discovery our heritage if you don't do Kupa haka, I find it a bit tricky and very cool finding an learning about it! some of the words I can't pronounce has it a little tricky, so we have to make slides of we know that we understand the word, we have to do a pictionary with the slides!!
Here are the slides
I would love some feedback!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Badges :))

                                                          Hey Everyone

Yesterday we got our badges in the assembly which is very cool
Yesterday I wasn't at school so today I got my badges and I got them for
Events team, head librarian those are the ones you get in the assembly
but I'm a house leader too so I've got one for that but I got it at the start of the year!

The circle one is events team and the long light blue one is headlibrarian IM SO EXCITED to have them!!

Do you have any badges?
These are my badges my house leader one is at home since I forgot it sadly :(

Please, could I have feedback!!

Friday, August 24, 2018


                                                                    Hey Everyone

The other day we did our speeches, The year  5/6 would read it to each other and the year 7/8 would do the same, I'm a year 7 this year, I think I did do okay with my speech, it was about horse riding is a sport because some people believe that it isn't but it is it is a sport, watch my speech video!
I would love some feedback on this, Thank you

Friday, August 17, 2018

Tiny house!!! Math Week

                                                                    Hey Everyone

This week we have been doing the tiny house project, it been really hard because of my fingers are really big compared to the little things that go in the house, but apart from that, it was really fun.
it was actually really challenging because the time the teachers gave us was kinda short time but still
doable. At the start when we were practicing I thought there were lots of room on the floor for furniture but when we put all the stuff in there was bearly any room so I found that really challenging but still fun!
We tried our hardest to decorate the whole house but it didn't really work so we had to cover it up with the black pen!

I'm very proud of the end product of what we made!
Please give FeedBack