Friday, May 11, 2018

The amazing backpack

                                                            Hey everyone 
                                The other day I wrote about a Backpack.
                                   I  made it up by myself but the hole class had to do it too.
                                                  here's the story.  What I found difficult was when I had to write this
                                      is I had to get it straight from my mind .
                         What I learnt was when you make backpack or a shoe you have to write a lot.
                                         I have improved with using subheading. 

Pocketbac  is an incredible backpack
It's designed for hiking, biking, Canoeing and camps.
All the kids were screaming bigging their mums and dads it was crazy. All the kids and adults were blowen.  
This style of this backpack has you can get it in any favorite colour you want it. It has 2 pockets on both sides with a zip,

Features this bag has some features.
1 its waterproof incase you went on a hike and you fall in the water.
2 if pull out this string on the side it will come into a floaty incase you could be drowning.
3 this backpack can not be rip its unbreakable.

It's made plastic that's been reused from the dump and not been  in the water and killing fish. Its %100
Waterproof so if its  falls in water its %100 fine if it got in water.
20- 40$  
Well other comperines don't have these life saving stuff.
You can get it in any size even for kids.

I think if you brought this you would be safe if you were in water and you were drowning you still be safe. Out of this all the people who have tried this are very pleased and thankful. It has saved 2 lives so far whats awesome. Defiantly go buy in your local store. Buy one get one off price.

                                               Thanks for reading. 

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